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Piana degli Albanesi

 Piana degli Albanesi is approximately 15 miles South of Palermo.

Piana degli Albanesi, before 1941 known as Piana dei Greci. In the province of Palermo, district of Corleone, Eparchy of Piana degli Albanesi. Address of the municipio (city hall) Via P. Togliatti, 2. - Zip code 90037.


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In the Province of Palermo Piana degli Albanesi (previously named Piana dei Greci), Santa Cristina Gela, Mezzojuso, and Palazzo Adriano are near-by towns with similar Albanian history. Many people with the same surnames are in these towns. The Arbėresh villages have two names, an Italian one and a native Arbėrisht name by which villagers know their town. Contessa Entellina; Kundisa, Piana degli Albanesi: Hora e Arbėreshėvet or Hora e Arbereshevet, Mezzojuso (also, Mezzoiuso): Munxhifsi, Palazzo Adriano: Pallaci, Santa Cristina Gela: Sėndastina or Shendestina.


View Piana degli Albanesi Birth, Marriage and Death Records 1820-1910. Piana.txt

We have approx. 50,000 records.


View Santa Cristina Gela Birth, Marriage and Death Records 1820-1902. Scristin.txt

Many years are missing from the microfilmed records.


Santa Cristina Gela

Piana degli Albanesi is the "Mother town" to Santa Cristina Gela. . Santa Cristina Gela has the same heritage as Piana as it was established in about 1750 by farmers from Piana. Santa Cristina Gela is 4 km or about 2 1/2 miles from Piana degli Albanesi. It has a little less then 900 residents. The City Hall or Municipio is on Via Giorgio Castriota, zip 90030. .

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