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Just a note about the data on this website.


Leita and I have been at this project for many years as well as our own families. My mother's family came from Contessa Entellina and my father was born in Catania. Josie has been at it for a long time too. Her father Vito Sebastiano Plescia was born in Piana dei Grecia/Piana degli Albanesi. It is in his memory that she has dedicated so many years and energy translating the records. Leita and Josie got together several years ago with the Arberesh Villages. Leita, Josie, Josie's cousin Marie and Joni went to Sicily in 2003. We all worked on Genealogy in Piana, Contessa Entellina, Santa Cristina and Trabia. Joni has family in Piana and helped to open some doors that are very difficult to get in, like San Vito. We have hundreds of images of records that have not been available through the LDS Records. Leita and Josie have learned to read Italian and Latin Records and translate all these records to English. I would hate to guess how many hours have gone into this project.

Leita and Josie started with a database program I wrote for them. The text version of Piana and Santa Cristina are on this website. This helped them to put the records together and with multiple sorts see the data in different orders. After the database they have entered all the data into the PAF program (the LDS Genealogy Program). This puts the data in a format that ties families together. Next came the LDS Companion Program. This program will output a book of your family. I think Leita and Josie are trying for sainthood. It has been a labor of love and they have given many people their families. If you need help with your family, they would love to help you.

We have met many people and family in these villages. They have been very helpful and nice to us, very heartwarming experiences. Thanks to all of you.

I have posted some our travels on Flicker.

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by Bill Spoto (Liuzza)